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We design and manufacture robust and reliable solutions for use with a wide range of polymers and other 3D printable materials including ABS, PLA, PET & HIPS filaments as well as high temperature thermoplastics such as PEEK, Ultem, medicines, every composite imaginable and even metal alloys. Our customers vary from academic institutions to aerospace, engineering and the Pharmaceutical industry.

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Ever since the release of the initial Noztek Pro in 2013, our company has undergone significant growth and established itself as a prominent player in the additive market. Our product range has expanded to include a variety of machines, such as extruders, drying equipment, winders, and most recently, our advanced pelletiser. Each machine is meticulously assembled and delivered to our customers in a ready-to-use condition. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continuously develop cutting-edge solutions that cater to the rapidly evolving needs of the contemporary market. Stay informed about our latest advancements, accomplishments, and potential opportunities by subscribing to our newsletter.

The latest products from Noztek


Simple yet powerful, the Pelletiser offers two distinct modes with its interchangeable cutting blades. Whether you’re producing exotic pellets to sell or compounding medicines, there’s a simple setting to get the job done


Three years in the making, our latest extruder was designed initially for the Pharmaceutical industry, but it is now being utilised by companies worldwide to develop completely new materials utilising Nozteks’s unique hot melt mixing technology. Fully Stainless Steel and compatible with small batches, this is a must have product for any R & D laboratory.

 Our team is dedicated to continuous innovation, creating fresh products and enhancing our current offerings. To remain informed about software updates and new product releases, we encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list.

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