HIPS (High impact Polystyrene) is one of the newest materials available for 3D Printers. It has very similar properties to ABS plastic in terms of impact strength and stiffness and prints nicely. It also has an interesting property that makes it particularly well suited as a support material – it is soluble in Limonene. If you have a dual extruder, you can print with ABS and HIPS to create structures impossible to make without support online-apteekki.com. Then, a soak in Limonene dissolves away the HIPS leaving the final part. It only comes in white but since it is going to be dissolved away, that should not be a problem! It extrudes around 230°C.

We are currently on the search for a company that can supply High Impact Polystyrene pellets as the 1Kg reels that we found on the Web are quite expensive.