Just searching around the Web and we found this pretty useful software called Photo2mesh which allows you to convert  your digital drawings and photographs into 3D printable STL files. This software allows you to create lithophanes which are three-dimensional translucent porcelain plaques which when backlit reveal detailed magical images.

An image would be carved into it, which could only be truly appreciated by having the object back lit  Now with Photo2Mesh you can create your very own! By using your 3D printer and white ABS or PLA filament, you are able to print out your photos in 3D! It is simple as exporting the photo from Photo2Mesh to an STL file, and then just printing it. Once it has finished, hold it up to a light source and be amazed.

You can even take your company logo, digitize it, import it into Photo2Mesh and export the STL file. You can now put your company logo an all of your prototypes and products which should impress your clients.

For a free demo: