Noztek Pro Upgrades

We are always striving to improve the performance of the Noztek Pro filament extruder, but there is a fine line between upgrading certain components without impacting on the overall price.

 We looked at the dies and saw there was an opportunity to improve the tolerances by using a higher grade metal alloy. This not only gave us a smoother bore for plastic extrusion, by going bespoke, we could engineer a much better fit between the die and the nozzle, which in turn has an appreciable effect on the extruded filament.

Another recent upgrade relates to the screw, again we discussed this with our engineers and came up with another alloy that seems to have improved the overall performance of the unit. We do intend to offer our existing customers a range of screws so that they can swap around depending on the types of plastic that they want to use. If for example they are recycling their own plastic they may require a screw with a slightly different helix angle.