conductive abs

An Upgraded version of the Noztek Pro is available on request which will allow extrusion at much higher temperatures, up to 600c

We have had a number of enquiries recently about extruding different types of thermoplastics at much higher temperatures than say, ABS or PLA, which extrude at between 175 and 200c.

One such enquiry related to thermoplastic Ultem. Ultem is a high performance engineering thermoplastic polymer with a melt temperature of 400c. It is  machined usiing conventional metal working equipment and is used in aerospace and military applications.

The issue we had with the existing Noztek Pro is the heater band will only reach 300c, so we have added the option of a upgraded heater that will reach 600c and have also upgraded the PID and the power supply.

Conductive ABS

On a slightly different note one of our customers is starting to extrude conductive ABS. ABS 1410 is a conductive thermoplastic compound based on ABS. Conductivity is achieved by using special conductive carbon black.

More on this polymer soon!