If you need to extrude different types of polymers or coloured master batch through the Noztek Pro or Pro HT then you may want to consider using a purging agent.

You can run a new polymer through the extruder to displace the previous resin, but for example changing from ABS to PLA can take a considerable amount of time.The alternative would be to use a purging agent to flush it out hier. Then you can the run the new resin through the extruder to flush out the purging agent.

These purging agents are used in the industrial screw extruder’s as they may need to change the resin 3 or 4 times a day. There are many chemical cleaners on the market some require the screw to be heated and other do not. Here’s a couple of products that we are testing at the moment:

Asaclean, a high temperature purging agent used in the US. http://asaclean.com


Ducapurge a thermoplastic purge compound from the UK: http://www.colourtone-masterbatch.co.uk/pdf/ducapurge_datasheet.pdf