We include .5Kg of ABS with every Noztek Pro that we ship and through extensive of testing found this resin to be one of the best we have tried. This injection grade polymer, extrudes consistently well as long as the barrel and nozzle is allowed to reach and maintain 190c for at least 15 minutes on start up.

We recommend that you keep the 25Kg sack in a large sealed plastic container, as this will protect the resin from collecting any moisture that can be absorbed even at room temperature. For best results dry the resin before use.

This ABS only comes in white, but changing the colour using Masterbatch is really simple, just add between 1 & 2% of additive, mix up really well and extrude just about any colour you like. Adding any more than 2% tends to make the extruded filament brittle, so bear this in mind when mixing.

Silvergate Plastics is a UK based company and will ship to Europe, but many other companies around the world will also stock this material.

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