The Noztek team have developed a new Noztek Pro powered by an Arduino processor called the Noztek Touch.

Noztek touch and finger


This touch screen version has a number of enhanced extra features including motor variable speed control, accurate temperature setting and a timer facility. The initial versions have some safety features built in such as an initial preheat setting so that the extruder motor will not engage until the extruder has reached full operating temperature. It will also automatically shut down the motor if the operating temperature drops 20% below the desired temperature setting.

Noztek Touch standard

 Customers can specify three different motors specifications depending on the type of resin they intend to extrude. A 53 RPM 6 Nm, a 33 RPM 9 Nm or a 15 RPM 17 Nm version (recommended for powder extrusion). These motors use a built in encoder in order for the processor to calculate and vary the speed.

 The Arduino module comes complete with a USB interface which will allow for firmware updates depending on the user preferences.

Noztek touch with bracket

 We are working on a new touch version of the filament winder which will have a built in digital calliper assembly. This will allow the Noztek Touch to monitor the tolerance settings and adjust the motor and temperature settings to optimise filament thickness. Customers will also be able to generate a spreadsheet giving detailed information of the full extrusion session. This detailed data will allow the user to work out the exact temperature and motor speed setting for any polymer being extruded.

 We will have three Noztek Touch editions ready for shipping in the second week of January 2015. There will be two versions available, the standard Touch priced at £1195.00 and a high temperature model at £1639.95.