The Noztek Touch HT with a pre-heater band has been a very popular model thus far. It’s a must for anyone who wishes to experiment with a wider range of materials, including PEEK, Ultem and powdered metal alloys. The first band melts most compounds before it reaches the nozzle heater, this helps to prevent barrel jamming and takes all of the strain off the DC motor allowing it to run at maximum speed if required.



We will soon ship the Noztek Pro with a pre-heater band as we feel that it will help prevent most of the initial operating issues when new users are trying out different resins. 


The original screw was designed to work with resin pellets of a 5mm diameter and have now engineered a new screw based on the industrial design which works with most types of material including powdered alloys.


The Noztek team are constantly working on new developments and a laser tolerance system is on it’s way soon. Only available with the Touch extruder and above.