Noztek dual pid extruder

Noztek have upgraded the Touch and the Touch HT (with the pre-heaters) PCB board so that end user can control the pre-heater band independently. This is a useful option when extruding different exotic composite and pharmaceutical materials. It allows for more accurate temperature control before the material reaches the main band and nozzle.

The laser sensor system is almost ready and we are hoping to launch this in the next 6-8 weeks, it’s been quite a challenge but we now have two different working prototypes to choose from and we may end up producing both versions.

We are also manufacturing a mixing screw design for customers who wish to mix material in the barrel once it is in a melted state.



The brand new Xcalibur version 2 is now ready to ship and there are quite a few improvements

The whole barrel, screw and coupling assembly are made from stainless steel. We tweaked the three stage screw design to improve extrusion performance. The chassis is much larger, which accommodates a brand new power supply which automatically switches from 220v to 110v. We have upgraded the heater bands, the 220v and 110v variants are made in Germany and have a higher wattage and are much easier to remove when switching over the barrels.

We have also added a USB port for easy connection to a laptop or PC, which allows the user download the extrusion data after each session.

This unit now has an extended hopper with cut off slide and a capacity of 1.25 Kg.


xcalibur version 2

xcalibur version 2