A team made up of fifteen students from Massimiliano Massimo Institute, located in Rome; together with the help of twenty volunteers and sixty-nine additional students from “Making 3D printers” class, will provide two African hospitals with a 3D print “mini factory” for producing prosthetics and spare parts by exploiting plastic waste (e.g., bottle caps, containers).

The mini factory is made up of

  • A shredder to create pellets,
  • A Noztek Pro extruder that creates filament,
  • A 3D printer for large size objects and 2 service printers for smaller objects,
  • A system for 3D acquisition
  • 2 PCs and a database of 3D objects to print,
  • A spare part set and tools
  • Documentation and tutorials

The hospitals chosen will provide are located in Gulu (Uganda) and Kenge (Congo). They have chosen these locations due to the level of difficulty locals encounter to acquire prosthetics and the high costs they are forced to bear.

See the video by clicking the link below