The Project

VioniloDigitale Creator Harris Matzaridis had a unique goal in mind when he set out to 3D print the renowned Stradivarius Violin. To achieve this, he required a wood filament that was not only lightweight but also possessed exceptional quality. Unfortunately, no existing product met his specific requirements. However, with the assistance of the Noztek Pro Extruder, generously donated to him, and the strategic use of our 45* Bracket and filament winder, Harris was able to create a truly remarkable violin. The end result not only boasted a stunning appearance but also produced an exquisite sound that rivaled that of traditional string instruments.


Hear it from the creator…

Here Harris describes his experience extruding wood with the Noztek Pro.

Recently, I came to the realization that the available filaments in the market were not sufficient for creating printed musical instruments, prompting me to take matters into my own hands.

It has been nearly a year since I started using my Noztek extruder, and I continue to be amazed by the rapid advancements in desktop extrusion technology.

I am confident that Noztek extruders have the potential to surpass the performance of most, if not all, other desktop extruders currently available in the market.

In the making

Following the unboxing, a short assembly procedure was required, primarily involving the attachment of the extruder to a provided two-part metal base set at a 45-degree angle. This setup significantly facilitates the material feeding process.

Noztek Pro Filament Extruder | Noztek Filament Extrusion Systems[

In addition, it was necessary to configure and calibrate the filament winder, with a step-by-step process demonstrated in an online video. Once all the initial tasks were completed, everything began to operate smoothly and in perfect synchronization. The machine quickly warmed up, making it effortless to feed materials and accurately adjust the temperature. Within an hour or so of powering everything on, I had enough wood filament to conduct quality tests and assess its printability.


My wood filament diameter tolerance is approximately 0.045mm under rigorous environmental conditions in my current configuration. Achieving such tight tolerances requires extensive trial and error as well as patience, along with meticulous planning and adjustments to ensure flawless operation.

I anticipate that with further optimization of the controlled environment, the tolerance could potentially be reduced to 0.025-0.03mm. However, this hypothesis is yet to be verified through testing and experimentation.


The Verdict

My Noztek extruder has effectively produced ultra-lightweight 3D printing filament with different wood powder composites and multi-component polymers, ensuring a “0% failure” rate and enabling the creation of acoustical musical instruments.

The machine is well-built, precise, and user-friendly, designed for easy maintenance and repair if needed, reflecting the expertise put into its construction with high-quality components.

The Noztek extruder’s durability and simplicity in assembly allow users to focus on accuracy, with the confidence that its all-metal construction minimizes the likelihood of malfunctions, making it a top choice for various applications and tasks.

To Conclude

In my opinion, the Noztek Pro extruder has consistently been a reliable companion due to its sturdy build, precise components, and user-friendly operation. I am grateful for discovering this machine in its distinctive “Coca-Cola red” color and the dedicated team that stands behind it.

Additionally, I want to highlight the thoughtful approach taken in the design, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of the machine, which often reflects the care and dedication of those involved in the production process.

I extend my sincere gratitude to the entire Noztek team for their unwavering support of my endeavors and for embodying the values of a company driven by passion and commitment to their craft.


Harris Matzaridis,

Music Technology R&D

3D&4D Printing of musical instruments.

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