Control Filament Tolerance

Tolerance. If you’re experienced in 3D printing, you’ll know the stress that can come with printer jams and inconsistencies with print quality These problems not only result in substandard and inconsistent quality of the product, but they also interfere with your productivity; wasting precious time, money, and material resources. Managing filament tolerance resolves most of these issues. It is therefore of utmost importance that tolerance is monitored and controlled with any project. Enter the Noztek Filament Tolerance Puller.

Designed from the ground up to tackle inaccurate and inconsistent tolerances, users are now able to determine the width of the filament, the speed at which it renders, and the correction ratio. The system relies on tension to get smooth, reliable results, pulling the material from a larger nozzle on the extruder to a much smaller diameter in the puller ensures the tension is keeping the resulting tolerance consistent. We now also sell a water bath to cool the filament as it leaves the extruder and travels toward the Puller. The in-built error correction control will notice any discrepancy and correct it accordingly throughout the process. This intelligent set-up will save you time and cost while causing significantly less material wastage.

Tolerance control puller

Our tests…

To understand the workings of this machine, below are the results of one of our in-house tests. You’ll be able to generate these graphs from your own tests and activity using our bespoke software downloadable from the Noztek website.

Tolerance speed

As with all of our Noztek products, the Tolerance Puller is best used alongside other Noztek equipment. Results will be highly dependent on the quality of the extrusion (flow, roundness, etc). Therefore using this machine alongside a Noztek extruder and Noztek Filament Winder will give the best results. We recommend also using a dehydrator to remove any residual moisture from the resin before extruding. This leaves less room for error when it comes to monitoring your tests, it also significantly further reduces waste. Check out our model here. The benefits of having the entire Noztek set up really are unbeatable in terms of cost, time and material efficiency.

At Noztek, we’re constantly improving our innovations. We stay up to date with the current market and believe we have the best equipment for all extruding requirements. Please refer to our FAQ section for further queries, if you can’t find what you’re looking for there or if you have an unusual project in mind, please get in touch.

One last thing, here’s a sneak peek inside the machine!