So, from pellet form, we can take polymer and craft it into some of the finest filament you’ll ever find, we can invent ways of blending materials which have never even been attempted before. We can truly pioneer with the machines already in the Noztek family. But what if we try and close the gap between the beginning and end of the journey. What if we could begin recycling what we have made as well as what has been made by others. This is resource efficiency at an exciting new scale. Enter the Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder.

Why have we made the Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder?

We want to cut down the environmental impact of our industry. The Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder is the missing component to make the positive changes a reality.

Plastic is designed to last. However, plastic products are often only used for a short time. The way we use plastic is clearly an undervaluation of this wondrous material.  By recycling plastics from everyday life and from disused prints, plastics can be reformed again and again therefore making plastic use circular.

We have been working hard at creating a strong, reliable shredder to add to the Noztek product family. We’re defining this as a notable veer into representing the values that our small team have in common. With a refreshing new colour, this design will be a great bold move for our loyal customers and we encourage that.

The Challenges

In the prototyping process, we have had to overcome a number of challenges. The issue of global plastic pollution is a problem. There have been so many different types and shapes of plastic products manufactured over the past few decades, of which ALL are still in existence now. This means that for those recovering what is already in the waters, categorisation is a really tough job. With this in mind, the shredder’s motor and blades simply need to be powerful enough to tackle as wide a variety of plastics. We have a Single Phase 100nm Torque motor and blades made from hardened stainless steel.

Depending on the results of the current prototype, we’re excited to see if this is the winning combination. As with all of our products, we stay up to date with developments in technology to make sure we are on top of the game and we are providing the best products for our loyal customers. With this innovation, we will be continuously revisiting the potentials and the possibilities that new technologies provide.

Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder componants detail photo              Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder in workshop              Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder Controls Detail

Cradle to Cradle Desktop Recycling is here:


The all new Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder takes waste plastic products and prints and breaks them down into small parts. Watch this space!


The Noztek Resin & Spool Dehydrator extracts any residual moisture from the plastic granules. This step ensures that recycling does not mean cutting on quality.


The prepared material then gets melted and extruded into fine quality filament. Depending on the polymer you are using, we sell a range of extruders


Noztek’s Tolerence Puller is an integral component when producing a high quality of filament.


The carefully crafed filament is now ready to wind onto spools with attention to detail using the Filament Winder.


inside the Noztek Desktop plastic recycling shredder

Here at Noztek, we can’t wait for recycling to be the status quo, which is why we are working really hard to get this machine ready to sell. We believe this entire recycling system has a place in the work and lives of all the Noztek users. We also believe it will provide an enormous opportunity for a new wave of innovators alike.

the design for the Noztek Plastic Recycling Shredder is based on the original design by Precious Plastics.