A Need for Data Capture

We know that our customers require the ability to maintain consistent quality in their fast-paced, innovative industries. Our customers need to be able to monitor exactly what’s going on when manufacturing their 3D filament. That’s why we’ve offered up even deeper control, insight and integration. With the latest software update for our most powerful extruder and our game-changing Tolerance Puller, you can now monitor extrusion and tolerance, together, from your computer.

Noztek machines have always lead the field when it comes to user interaction. Our products never come as kits. Instead, we build robust and reliable systems that are tested and ready to use right out of the box. Our expert engineers have handcrafted each part and assembled with special attention to detail. We ensure you’re getting the best experience and leave nothing to chance. This is why we remain firm favourites for extrusion products for the worlds leading innovators. And we are committed to enhancing that experience in any way possible.

Monitoring extrusion and tolerance is a really important step in professional manufacturing. Every now and then, you’ll see us release updates as we find better and more powerful solutions to your needs. This approach of always learning and developing keeps us ahead of the game and rewards our loyal customers who are growing with us.

How it Works

Connecting your Xcalibur and your Tolerance Puller to your laptop or desktop computer together will give you the ultimate user interface. Now you can monitor the band temperature, motor speed, extrusion speed and tolerance all in one place.

Simply, the interface gives you 3 tabs: ‘Extruder’, ‘Tolerance Puller’ and ‘Graphs’.

The ‘Extruder’ tab will monitor your Xcalibur. You’ll see the temperature of each of the 3 HT heater bands and the motor speeds of the main operating motor and the fan. You can also adjust the settings of each of these.

The ‘Tolerance Puller’ tab allows you to view data fro the filament’s target width and the last recorded width, along with the three previously recorded mean widths. The speed at which this data is updated can also be set here.

In the ‘Graphs’ tab, You’ll get real-time results of the extruder temperature; the tolerance (filament width), and the speed that the material is passing through.

You may disconnect either machine at any time without affecting the other. 

Controller Screengrab

What’s Next for Noztek...?

Coming soon: The USB port add-on to the Noztek Touch. Introducing the same freedom and monitoring as the Xcalibur, to our more compact, touch screen extruder.