This newly released Full Filament Extrusion Line package displays how Noztek’s advanced components, when used together, comprise the pinnacle of desktop extrusion.

Full Filament Extrusion System

Including all you need to maintain controlled quality from pellet to the spooled filament. You not only have everything under seamless control and running without intervention, you’ll also be able to monitor every process and collect data on the go using our bespoke software

Measure Extrusion Performance
Not only are the machine components of this full filament extrusion line interconnected, but they also have the ability to connect to your computer for monitoring and data capturing purposes. You’ll be able to use our bespoke software to monitor the performance of the Xcalibur and the Tolerance Puller, together on one screen.

The components

Xcalibur Extruder

For this professional desktop set-up, we include the Noztek Xcalibur, our most powerful extruder, capable of reaching temperatures of up to 700 degrees. This extruder boasts three independently controlled high-temperature heater bands and an extremely high torque hand-built DC motor. The motor generates an impressive 35Nm with a maximum speed of 35 RPM.

Water Bath

Once extruded, the filament is submerged through our newly designed stainless steel Water Bath. This ensures that the cooling process is controlled and even. The filament is moving constantly as it feeds through to the next stage.

Tolerance Puller

The filament is then fed into the pinch-roller of the Noztek Tolerance Puller. The purpose of this machine is to achieve consistent and precise diameter settings for the output of filament. The extremely accurate laser sensor on the puller measures 00.04, with error correction control.

Winder 2.0

Finally, the Winder completes the process by automatically and carefully winding the filament onto the spool. The winding guide is powered by a belt-driven linear actuator using a stepper motor and controlled by our own bespoke software. Powered by our own bespoke PCB and Arduino mega and encased secured by a robust metal chassis; this is a professional winding system that can reliably handle any size spool up to 2.2 Kg.

The Company
Noztek has
been a pioneer in the desktop filament extrusion world since 2014 when we first released the Noztek Pro. Our range of inventions has expanded to take care of every step of extrusion, and this package celebrates that.

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