We’ve made some videos to give you a clearer engagement with our extrusion machine designs.

We wanted to give a more intimate look at the quality of the build, and the way they work both independently and together. First up is our Noztek Full Filament Extrusion System.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the day in The Brighton Studio with videographer Mike King. There we captured all the details and features of our ultimate filament extruding system.

 This set up takes care of every process from, from pellet to filament, ensuring a quality result.

To begin the process with dried pellets, The Noztek Full Extrusion System features our most advanced extruder; The Noztek Xcalibur. Once extruded, the filament passses through our bespoke waterbath to cool it with control. Then the Tolerance Puller manipulates the filament into precisely determined tolerance, before the Noztek Filament Winder 2.0 winds it onto a spool. 

We think this video gives a clear overview of how the collection of Noztek machines become such an unrivalled when used together.

Watch below or watch over on our Youtube Channel where you’ll find several other new videos too that we shot this day.