Introducing our first big Controller Software Redesign.

Our focus has always been with the functional performance of our machines.We then make the aesthetics work around that. We believe that’s how great extruding equipment should be designed. The way our machines are built gives you understanding and access to their application, that’s what our loyal customers love.

If you have used a Noztek product that features a touch screen, you’ll know that we now integrate them with our desktop software. We’re really proud of how this has enhanced the user experience and the ability to monitor and record what’s happening during the extruding process. However, this has been developed with functionality as the absolute focus.

Controller Software Redesign Xcalibur

And so now we’re confident that the software is performing really well. It’s come the time to further strengthen your experience with the machines. We’ve been redesigning the visual interactions on the software. We’ve enhanced them in the following 4 ways:

  1.  Creating a more intuitive set-up process
  2. Implementing greater operational continuity
  3. Visual styling
  4. Animation for information at-a-glance

Katie has designed and produced some more visually exciting graphics for the new screens and for the desktop interface. Below is her interpretation of the Tolerance Puller.

And our control screens have had a makeover too. They’ll all have a similar aesthetic and process flow, so you’ll be more in tune with the way they all work.

The design process

This Controller Software redesign has been done entirely in-house. we are a small team, yet we are versatile and multi-skilled. Yet being so small, we work brilliantly together and these designs have been a collaboration we are proud of.

When it comes to redesigning something for a product that already has a large loyal following, there’s always a danger of changing too much. The Noztek machines touch screens and controller interface posed this issue. So we took what our customers are used to, and gently worked out how it can be made easier to use and to enjoy more.

The new styling considers a softer and simpler approach, and makes better use of screen space. The graphics are able to appear larger for ease of reading at a distance. they’re also easier to press with safety gloves on (yes, we’ve tried and tested this!).

Another consideration has been the use of more imagery and icons, and we’ve included these for two reasons. Firstly, to animate the screens so you don’t have to rely on text alone. For example to see if the fan is running. Secondly, our customers are worldwide and multi-language. We think everyone will find it easier to recognise the function with imagery.

Today we tested these designs out on the physical machines and are very pleased with how they look and how they operate. We look forward to sharing them with yousoon, and hearing what you think!