The biggest step we’ve taken recently has been the enhancements in connectivity, using our unique desktop software. We’ve delivered ways for you to monitor and control your filament manufacturing process which remains unrivalled in the market. 

The latest development has been for the Noztek Touch, our compact, touch screen filament extruder. You are now able to connect via USB to track and control the extruder. You can do this either with the extruder on its own or alongside your Tolerance Puller


Just as with the Xcalibur, the desktop software presents you with controls for the motor speed and the temperature. Furthermore, the accurate and detailed data is then displayed on-screen in graphs and available for you to download as a csv file.

The software is available to you when you purchase a compatible machine, or on request if you already own one.

We thank those of you who have helped shape the development of this software!