The Noztek team has developed the Noztek fusionX extruder which will be one of the world’s most advanced desktop single-screw mixing extruders available. After over two years of development, we hope to launch this new mixing lab extruder by the end of the first quarter of 2021.

We’ve designed this new mixing lab extruder to excel at extruding bio-polymers, nano-composites, or pharmaceuticals. The stainless steel build controls material contamination and makes this machine really robust. You’re also able to produce filament in small batches thanks to the smaller hopper design, it requires a minimum of just 5 grams of material, making experimental extruding much more efficient while working with advanced materials. The unique and advanced features of this extruder will lend themselves to the pharmaceutical industry in applications such as fused diffusion modeling.

fusionX temperature sensor

Internally, the material undergoes several unit operations like mixing and compression. It also features multi-sized replaceable cutting inserts for shearing, which are of course also made of stainless steel.

As with our Xcalibur and Touch models, the fusionX will be compatible with our computer controller software. This connectivity allows you to monitor your extruding process and manage temperature/speed controls while the machines are running, and then download the data in .csv form.


  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Small Batch capability – only 5 grams of material is required to produce filament
  • Split barrel design for easy cleaning
  • Continuous melting and mixing
  • Adjustable mixing and cutting inserts
  • Designed to produce an intensive mixing behavior
  • Small footprint desktop design (68x24cm)
  • Three independently controlled heating elements
  • Motor speed control
  • Laptop integration
  • Ideal for the Pharmaceutical industry or for mixing exotic materials
  • Multiple dies should become available, including a thin sheet design
fusionX lab extruder barrel and screw close up
Robust stainless steel build throughout

The fusionX will be one part of a modular suite of new products which will include a conveyor, a compounder, a mini water bath, and a winding system.

fusionX lab extruder barrel close up
Split barrel for ease of thorough cleaning

Edit: The fusionX is now available to purchase from our online store