Last week, our latest Pelletiser was launched, designed to serve two primary purposes – in pharmaceutical laboratories and for larger scale mixing and production operations. To cater to these different needs, the Pelletiser now comes equipped with two distinct cutting discs; the 6-bladed cutting disc is ideal for use with the fusionX in laboratory settings, while the new 24-blade production cutting disc is tailored for larger scale production requirements.This new production cutting disc is designed to be used alongside the Xcalibur.


Choosing your cutting disc

A comparison between 6 blades and 24 blades reveals a significant difference in performance, primarily due to varying extrusion speeds. For instance, the Xcalibur model boasts an impressive extrusion rate of 8 meters per minute, necessitating the use of the 24-blade cutting disc in the Pelletiser to match this rapid pace.

On the other hand, the 6-blade cutting disc is better suited for machines like the fusionX, which cater to smaller batch sizes and pharmaceutical applications. This particular configuration ensures a seamless operation for such specific requirements, allowing for precise cutting and processing.

The introduction of the new Production cutting disc opens up possibilities for users to experiment with exotic materials, customize their products, and even engage in small-scale production runs. This innovative tool enables users to conveniently mix materials, monitor the production process, and collect the finished product in a bag or tub placed below the machine, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

This production cutting disc

production cutting disc

The touch screen interface of the Pelletiser guides users step by step through the configuration settings necessary for their pelletising operation. The initial step involves selecting the cutting disc that is currently installed in the machine, followed by inputting the desired output size to determine the appropriate motor speeds.

The process is designed to be user-friendly yet highly customizable, offering a range of presets for quick setup as well as the option to tailor settings according to individual preferences. This flexibility allows users to streamline the process for efficiency or delve into more intricate configurations for experimentation and optimization.

For those unsure about which cutting disc would best suit their requirements, the Pelletiser provides the opportunity to test both options. Each machine is equipped with both the standard 6-blade disc and the latest production cutting disc, enabling users to compare performance and determine the most suitable choice for their specific needs.

We are eager to witness the remarkable results you achieve with your Pelletiser, regardless of the cutting blade you choose to utilize. Kindly share with us videos showcasing the process along with some details about the materials and settings employed. With your consent, we would be delighted to showcase your accomplishments on our esteemed blog and YouTube channel, allowing others to learn from your expertise and experience.

If you’ve not seen it yet – we uploaded a video showcasing our new Pelletiser on our youtube channel – see it here or watch it on YouTube. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!