Our new Pelletiser was released last week, catering for two main uses – in the pharmaceutical lab and for larger scale mixing and production. As such, it is now available with two different cutting discs; the 6 bladed cutting disc for use with the fusionX in the lab, and a new 24 blade production cutting disc. This new production cutting disc is designed to be used alongside the Xcalibur.


Choosing your cutting disc

So, 6 blades vs 24, that’s quite a jump! They differ so much because of the extrusion speeds, with the Xcalibur, you’d be extruding 8m per minute. The filament will be fed into the Pelletiser much faster, and so you’ll want the 24 blades of this production cutting disc to keep up. Whereas the 6 blade cutting dics will fit smoothly with the likes of the fusionX, which is designed for smaller batch, phamaceutical applications. This new Production cutting disc allows you to set a run mixing exotic materials for your own use or to produce your own product, and have a bag or a tub filling up below.

This production cutting disc

production cutting disc


The Pelletiser’s touch screen walks you through the settings for your pelletising process. Starting with choosing which cutting disc you currently have installed. The Pelletiser then determins motor speeds by asking you what size output you require. It’s fairly simple, but super flexible. There are presets as well as options to set your own preferences, again making it as simple or complex a process as you’d like it to be – perfect for experimenting.


Not sure which cutting disc suits your needs best? You’re free to experiment with both as our pelletisers always come with both the 6 blade and this new production cutting disc in the box.

cutting blades
left: Lab Cutting Disc, Right: Production Cutting Disc

We would really like to see what you achieve with your Pelletiser, whichever cutting blade you’re using. Send us videos and a little information on the materials and settings, and with your permission, we will feature you on our blog and on youtube.

If you’ve not seen it yet – we uploaded a video showcasing our new Pelletiser on our youtube channel – see it here or watch it on YouTube. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!