We are introducing a new stainless steel design for all extruder nozzles. This new extruder nozzles have a shorter ‘snout’ which has two main benefits when extruding.

  • The new nozzle design allows for a smaller load, due to there being less distance between the barrel and the point of exit. Particularly useful with the fusionX in a pharmaceutical setting.
  • This new design is also highly beneficial whenever else you’re using material that necessitates minimum waste, as less material will be left in the cavity after extrusion run.

The stainless steel material is suitable for all pharmaceutical applications and will provide a sterile environment as long as it is appropriately maintained.

This new extruder nozzle design has an M8 thread thermocouple connector, so the thermocouple will now be connected much nearer to the extrusion. The extruding temperature you set will be reflected much more accurately here. For those extruder models offering our software integration (including the Noztek Touch, Xcalibur & fusionX at present), this will be the accurate extrusion temperature result on screen, in your graphs, and in your CSV export.

Positioning the thermocouple connector at the nozzle itself also allows for easier dismantling. You simply unscrew and disengage the thermocouple component here before continuing to dismantle the rest of the barrel. Note that the process is different for each machine – refer to specific user manuals.

All Noztek extruders will now come fitted with these new nozzles, as standard.

Already got a Noztek extruder and would like this upgrade? no problem – you can purchase a new nozzle set and upgrade it yourself. Please get in touch with the team for guidance when upgrading the nozzle component.