The Winder 2

The Noztek Winder 2 is one of the most popular of our product range. Most of our customers find it an essential part of their extruding process, as it reliably winds freshly-extruded filament onto a spool. The first time you use a new filament in the Winder 2, it will need calibrating. In this post, we will give you instructions on how to easily calibrate the filament Winder 2.

How To Calibrate The Winder 2

The touch screen display will guide you through the necessary steps to getting started, but in the callibration stage (which you should only need to do once), can require a little more clarification. There is a lasor which senses the filament and guides the winding process.  When the callibration screen shows, you’ll just need to hold a piece of solid filament or even an allan key or similar inside the gap in the lasor casing (as shown below), then move it within the parameters of the lasor. You can see the parameters of the red lasor if you look more front-on to the machine.

As we say, it’s very easy to calibrate the filament winder 2, once you know where the parameters of the laser are, it all falls into place!

Not Using One Yet?

When you begin makign your own filament, you’ll know it’s pretty hard to keep the product you’ve been making neat and clean. A filament winder will make sure you’re getting the filament straight to a spool, and it can be that simple. However, the difference with our winders, and particularly this one, is huge. Our winders use laser technology to detect the position of your filament being fed to the machine, and it responds accordingly so that you get a neat result, meaning less tangle and more focus on the variables up-stream. The best use of our Winder 2 is of course as part of a full system, placed after the Tolerance Puller.

The Winder 2 is currently additionally available as part of our Mirror Finish Stainless Steel range, which will only be available whilst stocks last!

Watch our Winder 2 in action in the video to the left. Watch here or on our YouTube Channel