What’s the News?

Our limited edition Mirror stainless steel finish range has landed! With more and more steps toward designing for labratory environments, we found a huge desirability for extruders manufactured in stainless steel. Presenting here a mirrored stainless steel range of your favourite machines, in a more sterile material, which happens to also be beautiful. We’re releasing a limited number of these stunning machines for you to purchase. These premium editions of our most-loved machines are not just great on the outside with their high-shine and sterile finish; they contain the latest innovative Noztek hardware to get a fantastic extrusion.


 Which Products are Included in The Mirror Stainless Steel Range?

This range takes your extrusion through all essential steps to ensure a quality filament and stay in control of its’ characteristics. Begin with pellets using the Xcalibur or the Touch, depending on your needs (the fusionX desktop lab extruder is also made in stainless steel). The second step is either to use a waterbath or roller conveyor (depending how your material behaves with moisture), then followed by a Tolerance Puller  (find out why tolerance is important) and finally a Winder to neatly load your finished filament onto a spool. These can be purchased as an entire full system or alternatively you can use just a couple together in a modular grouping.


This exclusive range will only be available while limited stocks last, please get in touch for availability to avoid disappointment.

Winder 2

How Do I Find The New Mirror Range Products?

The mirror range includes the following machines (below) in beautifully reflective mirrored stainless steel. You can find these shiny new products through the main shop navigation, but we’ve linked them for ease below! Just click on the image to jump straight to the product’s mirrored version: