Noztek: A Short History

Since the invention of the Noztek Pro 8 years ago. we’ve developed no less than 12 machines to help you achive the best filament results possible.


In this blog we take a deeper look into our story so far. Learn when and why we made the products that you know and love!


We’ll be reminding you of some early,  retro images of the original builds, and links to the up to date products!

Noztek Product Timeline<br />

December undeniably has a knack for triggering introspection. Today marks a time for us to reflect on the past year, as well as the extensive journey of Noztek over the years. Our commitment to organic growth, customer-centric approach, and reinvestment of profits has been unwavering. This philosophy keeps us rooted and dedicated to our mission of developing top-quality products tailored to our customers’ requirements, particularly in the realm of filament production.

Throughout the years, there have been numerous innovative breakthroughs that have resulted in the creation of truly remarkable products. Of course, there have also been a few setbacks along the way, but for the purpose of this communication, we choose to highlight the successes – while leaving room to discuss the less successful ventures in future updates.

#1 | 2014 – The Noztek Pro: The Original Extruder

Noztek Pro

 In 2014, Noztek introduced their initial extruder, known as the Noztek Pro, which aimed to address the high cost of spooled retail filament at that time. The concept behind this analog extruder was to provide makers with the ability to produce their own filament at a significantly lower cost. This initial product served as a valuable learning experience for Noztek, and while it has undergone notable improvements over the years, it continues to be a favored choice for those entering the world of filament production.

#2 | 2014 – The Winder 1

After successfully launching our initial product and witnessing a remarkable start for our brand, we swiftly introduced the Winder 1, an innovative machine designed to support the extrusion process. This addition was a logical step considering the predicament faced by our customers, who often found themselves dealing with tangled extruded filament. The Winder 1, a simple yet effective spooler, was developed to neatly wind the extruded filament onto a 1Kg spool. Remarkably, this unassuming device has remained largely unchanged over the years, with only minor upgrades such as an improved laser and upcoming enhancements to the sensors to enhance accuracy. Consequently, it continues to be a popular choice among budget-conscious or novice users.

#3 | 2014 – The Noztek Pro goes HT

The Noztek Pro has demonstrated remarkable success, particularly in the University setting. A specific customer, seeking to 3D print intricate structures, inquired about the possibility of upgrading to the Pro model in order to achieve higher temperature extrusion (as the standard Pro is limited to 300°C). In response, we incorporated an HT heater band that can reach temperatures of up to 600°C. This enhancement has empowered our customers to extrude high temperature thermoplastics like PEEK and Ultem, expanding the range of possibilities for their 3D printing projects.

#4 | 2014 – A Digital Leap with The Noztek Touch

Following numerous customer requests, we received a growing demand to incorporate additional variables into our Pro analogue unit. In response to this feedback, we embarked on the development of a digital counterpart known as the Noztek Touch. This innovative machine boasts enhanced functionalities, including an independent heater band and motor speed control. As a result, the Noztek Touch has quickly become our best-selling product, catering to the evolving needs of our valued customers. Stay tuned for an exciting update in early 2023, as we introduce a brand new version featuring an updated User Interface, further elevating the user experience.

#5 | 2015 – The Xcalibur makes an Entrance

Noztek Xcalibur 2022

The concept of developing a larger extruder with enhanced features was conceived, inspired by Airbus, resulting in the creation of the Xcalibur. This innovative machine boasts a more robust motor and three HT heater bands, enabling customers to extrude a wider variety of materials at significantly faster speeds.

Since its introduction, the Xcalibur has garnered immense popularity among users. It has proven to be indispensable for individuals working on larger projects, where smaller extruders would struggle to meet the demands.

The success of the Xcalibur has paved the way for numerous other inventions within our company. Its efficiency and performance have set a new standard in the industry, making it a cornerstone for those seeking advanced extrusion capabilities.

#6 | 2016 – A professional alternative: The Noztek Resin & Spool Dehydrator

Optimizing filament quality requires the removal of moisture, which is why the Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator was created. While many hobbyists were using domestic food dehydrators, we identified a need for a professional alternative specifically designed for this purpose. The Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator fills this gap by incorporating similar principles as the food dehydrators but with a greater emphasis on attention to detail. It features a perforated drum where resin pellets can be dried, or a loaded spool can be connected and rotated for even drying. Compared to makeshift alternatives, both methods offered by the Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator provide superior results.

#7 | 2018 – A 2nd Generation Filament Winder

As the demand for the Xcalibur continues to rise, we noticed that the Winder 1 was unable to keep up with the accelerated extrusion rate of this highly sought-after product. Consequently, we took it upon ourselves to develop a more efficient winder that could handle the rapid spooling of the extruded filament. Enter The Winder 2.

#8 | 2018 – Our biggest challenge yet – The Tolerance Puller

The team’s upcoming task involved developing a pulling system that would enable customers to consistently achieve precise filament diameters prior to spooling. This endeavor presented a significant challenge, requiring several years of dedicated effort to devise an efficient solution capable of swiftly addressing variations in the extruded filament.. The Noztek Tolerance Puller has been a remarkable achievement, with many revisions on error correction making the latest version a very successful and one of a kind product!

#9 | 2021 – A Breakthrough for pharma: The fusionX


Over the past 4 – 5 years, a significant and continuously growing proportion of our clientele has been comprised of individuals from the pharmaceutical sector. Many of these clients have approached us with a specific request: the development of an extruder capable of blending various composite materials in a molten state. Considering the nature of their industry, it was crucial for the extruder’s barrel to be easily detachable for efficient and comprehensive cleaning. This particular endeavor has proven to be one of the most formidable challenges we have encountered thus far, taking Eventually after many prototypes, we developed the revolutionary fusionX. Probably the most advanced single screw mixing extruder in the world.


#10 | 2021 – The Pelletiser closes up the loop

Noztek Pelletiser

Following the successful conversion of our Kuka robot into a 3D printer, we began contemplating the exciting prospect of incorporating a composite material consisting of carbon fiber, graphene, and ABS into either the fusionX or the Xcalibur. Our aim was to create a filament that could be cut into smaller pellets and conveniently fed into the robot hopper. However, much to our surprise, extensive research revealed the absence of any precision desktop compounders in the market. Undeterred, we took matters into our own hands and embarked on designing the Noztek Pelletiser from scratch. This remarkable and robust machine serves a multitude of purposes, with its parts and settings easily adjustable to cater to various applications, ranging from pharmaceutical uses to large-scale pellet production.

#11 & #12 | 2023 …

Our next couple of big ideas are now well under development. We have a prototype for a new cooling system and another extruder in protoype stage… watch this space because 2023 is going to be a really significant year for Noztek!