From Febuary we are fitting a new planetary motor as standard to the Noztek Pro and Touch extruders. These spin at 50RPM with a whopping 16Nm of torque, this will assist with more consistant filament tolerances and faster extrusion speeds. We have also tweaked the next batch of stainless steel screws, lowering the diameter at the feed zone and raising it at the compression and metering sections, thus allowing a faster material absorbsion rate, generating more barrel pressure, increasing filament production.

the fusionX holt melt mixing extruder

On the R&D side of things we are working on the big brother to the currently (very sucessful) fusionX. This extruder will use a much more powerful motor, an extended split barrel with 6 variable mixing sections, 5 independent heating zones and two hopper ports. This is going to be one of the most powerful desktop hot melt mixing extruders on the market.

So keep an eye out for the Noztek fusionXL!