Our robotic 3D Printing Service

Noztek has recently introduced a groundbreaking Robotic 3D Printing Service called ‘Additive Alchemy’. What sets this service apart from other robotic 3D printing services is our unique capability and state-of-the-art equipment for blending exotic material composites. By combining different materials, we are able to create innovative and customized prints that were previously unattainable.

The inception of Additive Alchemy as a service was a result of our extensive experimentation with the KUKA KR 16 L6-2 Robotic ARM. This cutting-edge technology allowed us to explore the possibilities of large-scale printing and prototyping, ultimately leading to the development of this revolutionary service. Our aim was to make the process of large-scale printing and prototyping more accessible to a wider range of industries and individuals.

We are currently experiencing an incredibly exciting time, as Additive Alchemy enables us to push the boundaries of rapid prototyping even further. Through collaborating with our customers on their projects, we have the opportunity to expand the limits of what is possible in the realm of 3D printing. Our focus lies in surpassing the traditional constraints of one-off bespoke manufacturing and continuously innovating to shape the future of additive manufacturing.



We released a blog last year with the initial model, check it out here.

Our Equipment

We have built this unique printing robot by adapting the Noztek Touch Extruder to the KUKA, and securing it to the robotic arm. The result is a faster and more effcient way of printing large scale projects.


With our full extrusion line of machinery to take exotic material composites from pellet to reel and back to pellet again, we hold a unique position for mixing and experiementation. Our Pelletiser plays a key role in this process as it takes extruded materials and cuts it into pellets again, ready to be mixed further.

The Robotic 3D Printing Process

The process for the customers is simple. All you will need to do is fill the quote form, upload your design file, confirm details with us and wait for your delivery.

Behind the scenes we’ll be mixing the chosen materials, printing, joining if needed, refining with our dremmel attachment, and coating to reinforce where appropriate

Have a Project in Mind?

We are now open for new projects. If you have something in mind – head to the dedicated website at additivealchemy.com and fill a quote form

Visit additivealchemy.com  to find out more and to order your first print