The Noztek team have been working with our robotic arm printer over the last couple of months and we
came up with the idea of printing a scaled down Catamaran. A composite mixture of ABS,
carbon fibre and TPU was used to print super strong. light weight hull sections. They were
printed vertically in two sections, joined together and skinned with carbon fibre.

We have been experimenting with adding supports to the connecting blocks, but decided to print these
with our Raise 3D printer. On the upside, we produced a highly accurate block prints, but the downside was
the 60 hour print time compared to 1 and a half hours using the robot. To give these sections extra strength
we filled them with carbon fibre tow and resin.

We can now hot swap between the extruder and a 2000 RPM dremel attachment. This will anable us to mill out different types of moulds, specifically for cabon fibre work. Using Fusion360 we can calculate the different tool paths, then export them to the Kuka. Below you can watch a video of the first rough cut of a propellor mould milled from a high density polypropolene block.