Noztek operates a bustling warehouse where each day is filled with a multitude of tasks centered around product development and manufacturing. From the moment the team arrives, they dive into a whirlwind of activities that contribute to the growth and success of the company. Whether it’s brainstorming new product ideas, fine-tuning existing designs, or overseeing the manufacturing process, there is never a dull moment at Noztek. The warehouse buzzes with energy as employees collaborate, troubleshoot, and strive to deliver top-notch products to their customers.

Building a Pellet Dehydrator and PelletizerWithin the warehouse, there is a specific bench that has been allocated for the construction of a pellet dehydrator and pelletizer, which are being customized for a particular customer.
The purpose of these machines is to facilitate the transformation of raw filament into pellets, as well as to ensure that they are properly dried and prepared for the extrusion process.


Prototype Development
Prototype development is given special attention with the presence of an additional bench. This bench is exclusively dedicated to the creation and refinement of prototypes. At present, it houses a prototype water bath and a test Xcalibur unit for the robot arm. These prototypes undergo regular revisions and adjustments during periods of downtime in order to enhance their functionality and overall performance.

3D Printing Bench
Noztek boasts a specialized 3D printing workstation that accommodates a Raise 3D printer, a Creality infinity and two Zortrax printers. This workstation serves as a hub for producing gears and widgets that are integral components of various products manufactured by the company. Noztek has embraced a prototyping strategy over time, employing 3D printing to generate initial designs that undergo further refinement and engineering. In cases where intricate product designs are required, Noztek frequently leverages external services such as Shapeways to produce them using metal materials.


Kuka Robot in Cutting Mode

Positioned in the center of the warehouse is a Kuka robot, currently engaged in cutting mode. The dedicated team at Noztek is conducting experiments involving the creation of bumper molds for a prominent racing car company. Their primary objective is to fabricate the main mold alongside an insert mold that is marginally smaller and designed to fit snugly within. Furthermore, Noztek has outlined plans to innovate by constructing a heated press utilizing 3D print beds, a strategic move that will empower them to manufacture car components using carbon fiber materials.

Gain a deeper insight into the daily operations at the Noztek warehouse, where the dedicated team is actively involved in a multitude of projects encompassing product development, prototyping, and manufacturing. This bustling hub serves as a hub for innovation, where ideas are transformed into tangible realities. The team’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident as they tirelessly work towards refining existing products, creating prototypes for new concepts, and overseeing the manufacturing process. With a focus on quality and efficiency, the Noztek warehouse is a dynamic environment where creativity and productivity thrive.