At Noztek, a typical working day at the warehouse involves various activities related to product development and manufacturing. Here’s a snapshot of what a day might look like:

Building a Pellet Dehydrator and Pelletizer
One of the benches at the warehouse is dedicated to building a pellet dehydrator and a pelletizer for a customer. These machines are used in the process of converting raw filament into pellets and drying them ready for extrusion.

Prototype Development
Another bench is dedicated to prototype development. Currently, there is a prototype water bath and a test Xcalibur unit for the robot arm. These prototypes are continuously revisited and tweaked during downtime to improve their functionality and performance.

3D Printing Bench
Noztek also has a dedicated 3D printing bench. This bench houses a Raise 3D printer and two Zortrax printers. These printers are primarily used to print gears and widgets for some of the company’s products. Over the years, Noztek has adopted a prototyping approach where 3D prints are used to create initial designs, which are then further engineered or fabricated. For complex product designs, Noztek often utilizes services like Shapeways to print them in metal.

Kuka Robot in Cutting Mode
In the middle of the warehouse, there is a Kuka robot that is currently in cutting mode. The team at Noztek is experimenting with cutting bumper molds for a racing car company. The goal is to create both the main mold and an insert mold that is slightly smaller and fits inside. Additionally, Noztek plans to develop a heated press using 3D print beds, which will enable them to produce car parts in carbon fiber.

This is just a glimpse into the daily activities at the Noztek warehouse, where the team is engaged in various projects related to product development, prototyping, and manufacturing.