Following a hectic three-month period, we are now focusing on resuming work on a few of our R&D initiatives. Our goal for this year is to create a roller conveyor print bed for our Kuka robot and rethink our water bath system. In the upcoming months, we are thrilled to share several exciting new advancements that have never been explored before in the field of extrusion. These innovative ideas have been developed by our dedicated skunk works department.

Advancing the Water Bath Technology

New concepts have been developed to enhance our current water bath system. Heating the water can enhance the quality of filament for certain standard polymers, while cooler water temperatures may be required for composite thermoplastic materials. The primary objective of this project is to cater to a diverse range of water temperatures, spanning from as low as 2°C to as high as 80°C.

User Manual Updates

Our product line undergoes continuous software and graphics adjustments to ensure everything remains up-to-date. All user manuals have been recently revised, and a comprehensive system user and barrel swap manual has been included in our download section.

Fully Automated Roller Conveyor

The primary objectives of the conveyor project are to enable the Kuka robotic arm to print at a 45-degree angle while the bed rotates gradually during the printing process. The secondary goal was to print multiple parts, rotate the bed, eject the prints, and resume printing. Theoretically, the entire system can be automated by utilizing a sizable heated hopper, connecting a vacuum pipe to the robot extruder, and ensuring a continuous supply of polymers.