Noztek thrives on challenges, especially when it comes to pioneering R&D projects. Four years ago, we acquired a Kuka robot arm and transformed it into a cutting-edge 3D printer capable of producing items from Carbon composites. It has taken us considerable time to truly optimize the output of robotic printing. During our research, we discovered that there were very limited options available for print beds in the market.

We think the key to in-house robotic printing is first and foremost the print bed. If for example you have an order for 200 racing car door mirrors, printing say 6 at a time on a traditional bed would be quite time consuming. If however you had a heated roller conveyor bed connected to your robot controller, you could print 6 at a time, roll the conveyor half a revolution, throw them off the bed, print another 6 and so on.

  • Of course the pellet supply to the robot hopper needs to be automated, but that really isn’t a problem. Using an injection molding hopper dryer and a vacuum system to keep topping up the material, should keep the robotic arm printing indefinatley. If we really wanted a hot melted blend of composite materials, we could always use our full system with a pelletizer to produce a blend of unique exotic pellets, unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Since the introduction of the Noztek fusionX hot melt blending extruder, more than two years have passed. We firmly believe that this desktop mixing extruder is unparalleled in its performance and quality. However, recognizing the demand for a more industrial-grade model, we have decided to develop the fusionXL. This new extruder will be an upgraded version of the fusionX, featuring a larger block, a more powerful motor, and a larger screw. Additionally, it will incorporate our unique interchangeable cutting blade system, allowing for enhanced versatility. With the inclusion of six sets of mixing blades and an extra hopper for adding materials or liquids, the fusionXL will cater to the needs of full-scale production.