Full Extrusion System

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Each machine is delivered fully assembled and prepared for immediate use.


Control a maximum of three temperature variables.


We offer everything required to carry out the entire extrusion process.


Adhering to a clean laboratory setting


Evaluate whether a Water Bath or a Roller Conveyor is the right choice for your cooling element.


Monitor and export all the important data from each extrusion run

Noztek Full Extrusion System

The complete Noztek extrusion system is currently offered for purchase as a comprehensive package. This package includes all the necessary components to seamlessly transform pellets or powder into spooled filament. With this system, not only will you have full control over every aspect of the process without any interruptions, but you will also have the capability to monitor each step closely and gather valuable data in real-time.



Our clientele is increasingly seeking enhanced control and manipulation capabilities over the materials they utilize. In an era characterized by rapid innovation and intense competition, a reliable system that ensures consistent results and seamless integration of all components is essential. The comprehensive extrusion system we offer is particularly favored for its ability to smoothly and meticulously guide the filament through the entire process. The Xcalibur, our premier desktop extruder, stands out as the most robust and high-performing option available. By introducing pellets into the hopper, the extruder efficiently shapes the polymer into a flawless filament, which then undergoes cooling in the Water Bath. Subsequently, the Tolerance Puller takes charge of managing the filament’s diameter before passing it along to the Winder 2.0 for precise winding onto the spool.

Full System
Controller Software

Measure Extrusion Performance

The machine components within this system are not only interconnected, but they also possess the capability to link up with your computer for the purpose of monitoring and capturing data. With our custom software, you will have the ability to oversee the performance of both the Xcalibur and the Tolerance Puller simultaneously, all displayed on a single screen.

What’s Included?

Noztek Xclalibur

The Xcalibur

The Xcalibur extruder stands out as one of the most cutting-edge desktop extruders currently available in the market. Boasting a variety of advanced features, such as its triple high-temperature heater bands, this extruder is engineered to operate reliably at temperatures of up to 600°C (with the option for even higher temperatures upon request).

Constructed from stainless steel, the entire barrel, screw, and coupling assembly of the Xcalibur extruder ensures durability and longevity. Furthermore, enhancements have been made to the three-stage screw design in order to optimize extrusion performance, making it a top choice for melting a wide range of polymers, including high-temperature thermoplastics and metal powdered combinations.

The Noztek full extrusion system integrated into this model is capable of extruding approximately 8 meters per minute or 2 kilograms per hour, making it a highly efficient and productive tool for various applications. Despite its impressive capabilities, this system only requires 3.5 meters of bench space, making it a compact yet powerful solution for extrusion needs.



Noztek Xclalibur

Cooling option 1: Water Bath

Noztek has developed a state-of-the-art stainless steel water bath that is specifically designed to optimize the performance of your filament. By incorporating high-quality components, the Noztek Water Bath ensures that the cooling process after extrusion does not compromise the tolerance of your filament. The innovative double-layer bath design and integrated pump system maintain a consistent and even cooling capacity, allowing you to have full control over the desired filament measurements. Additionally, the tension of the filament plays a crucial role in achieving these exceptional results. The Noztek Water Bath effectively maintains this tension by providing the perfect distance between the extruder and Puller, resulting in a seamless filament manufacturing process. For those working with hygrophobic materials, the Water Bath can be easily replaced with our Roller Conveyor.



Roller Conveyor option

Cooling option 2: Roller Conveyor

The Roller Conveyor offers a dry alternative to the Water Bath, itt ensures that your filament is guided smoothly along the steel rollers, maintaining tension and ensuring a high-quality extrusion. The fans located underneath the rollers effectively cool the filament, providing optimal cooling conditions. Additionally, the legs of the Roller Conveyor are height-adjustable, allowing for further customization and delicacy in handling your materials. Given its excellent performance and suitability for pharmaceutical contexts, we highly recommend this option.



Noztek Xclalibur

The Tolerance Puller

The subsequent phase involves the implementation of a consistent tolerance. In order to achieve optimal outcomes, it is imperative to maintain precision and consistency in tolerance. To address the major causes of material and time wastage, we have introduced the Tolerance Puller. This innovative machine enables systematic measurement and management of filament size, ensuring synchronization with the extruding process.

Our users have the flexibility to customize the filament diameter, rendering speed, and error correction ratio. The efficacy of the system relies on tension to deliver smooth and reliable results. Firstly, the ideal distance is determined by utilizing the Water Bath, which aids in achieving the desired outcome. Secondly, the material is pulled from a larger nozzle on the extruder to a significantly smaller diameter in the puller, thereby maintaining a consistent tolerance. By adopting this setup, you can save both time and costs, while minimizing material wastage.



Noztek Filament Winder 2.0

The Winder 2

The filament winder, Winder 2.0, is meticulously designed to revolutionize the extruding process, featuring an integrated touch screen for precise control during winding. With the capability to wind up to a 2.2Kg spool with unparalleled accuracy, this unit is essential for users of Noztek extruders, ensuring optimal filament tolerances and neatly wound spools ready for 3D printing. Powered by a belt-driven linear actuator and a stepper motor, the winding guide is seamlessly controlled by proprietary software, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient winding experience.



Pellet to Pellet Production

Our company is excited to introduce a new bundle option that includes our Pelletiser as part of your Full System. This addition is especially beneficial for those working with exotic composites, as the Pelletiser allows you to mix these materials and produce a unique range of high-quality pellets for the new emerging market.



The Pelletiser


Manuals for each component of the full extrusion system can be found here

Full Filament Extrusion System



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