Noztek Pro & Pro HT

The original extruder – Est 2013


As with all our extruders, this machine comes pre-assembled and ready to extrude


Manipulate speed, temperature and the cooling fan


Designed in house, both barrel and screw now in stainless steel


Available in both 110V and 220V power versions

The Noztek Pro

The Noztek team has developed the Noztek fusionX extruder; one of the world’s most advanced desktop single screw mixing extruders available. With over three years of development this stunningly engineered machine is our most advanced extruder to date.


The Noztek Pro Desktop Filament Extruder, based on the original design to solve the problem of expensive 3d printing filament. We wanted to give makers the opportunity and flexibility to create filament of their own spec. The current model has been constantly improved over the last 5 years, remaining a reputable classic today.

The Noztek Pro combines a high torque planetary motor and a bespoke engineered screw, offering fast extrusion of just about any polymer in pellet or powdered form. The Noztek Pro is a plug and play extruder, which means in just 15 minutes it can be unboxed and ready to use. Just plug in, turn on the heater and add the resin, then turn on the motor and you will be extruding straight away. With no kit to assemble, this extruder is extremely reliable simple and easy to use.

Choose between Standard & HT models. HT stands for High Temperature, this upgrade will oduble the maximum temperature capability!

Noztek Pro
Noztek Pro front

Use & Efficiency

The Noztek Pro will extrude at 2.5m per minute, depending on the type of material you are extruding. This will result in 1Kg of filament in around 2 hours.
We now provide a pre-heater band as standard which takes most of the strain off the motor; improving the extrusion rate and increasing longevity.

This advanced extruder has been tested using an extensive range of polymers including ABS, PLA , PET. PP, HDPE, PP and many more.  Powdered resins, composite combinations and recycled plastic powders can be extruded thanks to our bespoke in-house manufactured screw design.  In fact, it’s capable of extruding just about anything you throw at it. You can also mix and make your own coloured filament, using readily available masterbatch pellets. These are simply mixed in the hopper, which opens up a whole new range of colour options.

All Noztek Extruders come with a full 1 year return to base Warranty


For UK customers we will ship a 220v unit. If you are ordering from overseas please let us know the voltage and frequency required, as we also keep 110v units in stock.

Noztek Pro Desktop Filament Extruder Kit Includes: 1 Fully assembled Filament Extruder, 0.5 kg ABS Pellets (MFI-22) (to get started right away), 2 dies (1.75mm and 3mm), 1 instruction manual.

m/minute speed

mm dies are included, blanks are also available

max. extruding temperature (HT model 600°, Standard model 300°)

Bracket included

Noztek Pro & Pro HT


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