The Noztek Pelletiser

Quick Start

Preset pellet settings in auto mode for a quick set up with accurate output

Manual Override Mode

Allows puller and cutting blade control

Interchangeable Cutting Discs

Switch cutting blades for lab or production modes

Stainless Steel Body

In keeping with a sterile lab environment

Hardened Stainless Steel cutting blades

Guaranteed extended durability.

Safety Features

The inclusion of multiple safety features guarantees safe operation.



The Pelletizer

The Noztek Pelletizer is an innovative compounder that offers a dual functionality, making it a highly efficient and reliable machine for the lab or full production enviroment.


This easy-to-use machine is designed for two core purposes, and accordingly, it is available with two different cutting blades. The first is for micro-compounding and is targeting research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and the other is for more intensive production.

The pelletiser fits perfectly for lab work with the fusionX lab extruder and for extended production when used with our Full Extrusion System to produce exotic materials in pelletised form.


Utilizing a 57 RPM right angled Pace motor with 35 Nm of torque, this pelletizer boasts a consistent cutting speed that can handle even the most challenging composite filament ins small or larger production batches. The cutting rotors of this machine guarantees exceptional stability and precision, resulting in uniformly shaped pellets of high quality.
By selecting one of the preset programs or manually inputting a specific size, users can achieve variable pellet sizes to suit their needs. The transparent screen provides easy access for visual inspection and cleaning, ensuring maintenance is a breeze. The low noise operation and easy loading process make the Noztek pelletizer an essential tool for any laboratory or production facility.

kilos / hour

Nm torque

metres per hour cutting rate

Touch Screen Display

Every Pelletiser comes with both a 6-blade and a 24-blade cutting disc. We recommend using the 6-blade cutting disc with slower and smaller batch rund, such as with pharmaceuticals with the fusionX, and the 24 blade version for larger batch production, designed to be used with the Noztek Xcalibur Extruder



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