Pro & Touch Replacement Barrel & Screw


Replacement Barrel & Screw

(for Noztek Pro & Noztek Touch Extruders)


Noztek now offers a two-stage screw that has been designed to increase barrel pressure and extrusion speed during the polymer extrusion process. This innovative screw design allows for more material to enter the feeding zone, where it is then compressed as it travels along the barrel, generating both heat and pressure for efficient extrusion.

The kit provided by Noztek includes a replacement barrel, screw, and thrust bearing assembly that can be easily interchanged depending on the type of material being extruded. Additionally, two dies are included in the kit, allowing for extrusion of filament with diameters of 1.75mm or 3mm, or a blank for customization. The steel coupling and keyway are also supplied for seamless assembly.

To remove the barrel assembly for cleaning or replacement, the process is straightforward. Simply remove the sensor, heater band, front bracket, and then unscrew the bolts from the rear bracket. Finally, unscrew the grub screw that connects the coupler and the screw to detach the barrel assembly. The rear assembly is equipped with a deep groove thrust bearing to counteract any backward pressure from the screw, ensuring smooth operation during extrusion.


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