Pro & Touch Replacement Barrel & Screw


Replacement Barrel & Screw

(for Noztek Pro & Noztek Touch Extruders)


When extruding different types of polymers, you can always clean out the barrel using a purging agent, although this can be time-consuming and still may not completely remove all the residue from the previously used resin. A much quicker way is to remove and replace the existing barrel and screw with replacement units and clean them thoroughly without interrupting or compromising your filament making process.

Noztek now manufactures and supplies a two-stage screw. In preliminary tests, this screw increases the barrel pressure and the speed of extrusion. It achieves this by allowing more material into the feeding zone, then compresses the material as it moves along the barrel. generating heat and pressure.The kit includes a replacement barrel, screw and thrust bearing assembly which can be interchanged depending on what type of material you wish to extrude. We also supply you with two dies (1.75mm – 3mm or 2 x blanks) and the steel coupling and keyway.

To remove the barrel assembly simply remove the sensor, remove the heater band, unbolt the front bracket, unscrew the two bolts from the rear bracket and finally unscrew the grub screw connecting the coupler and the screw.
The rear assembly uses a deep groove thrust bearing to negate any backward pressure from the screw

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Xcalibur Barrel & Screw