The Resin & Spool Dehydrator

Resin & Spool Dehydrator

Plug & Play

The Resin & Spool Dehydrator is ready to use straight from the box, no assembly required!

Robust Chassis

Fabricated from 3mm steel


Use for drying spooled filament OR resin in pellet form

Even Drying

The rotating function ensures even drying by either rotating the spool, or the drum to agitate the resin

Straight - to - Print

Feeds perfectly dried filament directly into your 3D printer

Touch Screen & Bespoke PCB

Keeps you in control of temperature and motor torque

The Resin & Spool Dehydrator

This versatile drying machine serves a dual purpose by effectively eliminating any moisture from resin weighing up to 2kg before the extrusion process. Additionally, it can also be used to dry spooled filament after extrusion, ensuring a uniform and thorough removal of moisture. With its efficient design and functionality, this machine offers a convenient solution for both pre-extrusion resin drying and post-extrusion filament drying processes.


Achieving consistent filament quality in 3D printing requires proper preparation of the resin, and a key step in this process is drying the resin before extrusion. When moist filament is extruded, the moisture within the material turns into steam pockets, which can weaken the polymer chains and compromise the internal adhesion of the material. As a result, the extruded filament may suffer from reduced strength and an undesirable surface finish in the final print.

To address this issue, Noztek has developed a cutting-edge resin and spool dehydrator that utilizes a touch screen interface and a drum-based design. The dehydrator’s chassis is constructed from durable 3mm steel sheet, which helps retain heat and maintain a constant temperature during the drying process.

The drum of the dehydrator is equipped with a baffle insert that mimics the agitation of a tumble dryer, ensuring even drying of the resin. Additionally, the dehydrator features a convenient quick removal system, allowing the drum to be easily lifted out for refilling through a slide opening.

The Noztek Resin and Spool Dehydrator boasts a powerful 1000w heater located at the rear, along with a purpose-built heating fan that aids in the uniform drying of the polymer. The unit is capable of maintaining a temperature of 80°C, and its built-in timer guarantees that the resin is completely dry before it is used for printing.

This dehydrator is equipped with a high torque motor that effortlessly rotates the drum at a speed of 1 RPM, accommodating a resin capacity of up to 2kg. It also incorporates a bespoke PCB board and precise temperature and humidity sensors, allowing users to monitor these parameters accurately.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use the Noztek Resin & Spool Dehydrator in conjunction with Noztek Desktop Filament Extruders. By employing this comprehensive system, users can ensure the highest quality and performance in their 3D printing projects.

Max capacity

Touch Screen Display

Timer and auto-off

heater, maintaining 80°C drying temperature

This easy to use and versatile machine is a must in the extrusion set up, especially for those mixing and producing exotic materials.

Use alongside the Xcalibur and our new Pelletiser to ensure your product is of the highest quality for distribution

Resin & Spool Dehydrator


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