The Water Bath

Noztek Water Bath

Plug & Play

The Waterbath comes pre-assembled and ready to use straight from the box

Fully Stainless Steel

Easy to keep clean and free of contamination


Height-adjustable legs to fit within your extrusion system



The Noztek Water Bath

A liquid cooling module for the filament extrusion process.


To ensure the accuracy and consistency of your filament measurements, it is crucial to carefully manage the cooling process after extrusion. The Noztek Water Bath offers a reliable solution by providing a controlled and uniform cooling environment. This stainless steel water bath is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into your extruding system, positioned between the Noztek extruder and Tolerance Puller.

The Noztek Water Bath incorporates several features that contribute to its effectiveness. Its double layer bath design and integrated pump system ensure continuous water circulation, maintaining a steady temperature throughout the bath. This consistent cooling environment helps to preserve the desired filament measurements.

With the Noztek Water Bath, you have the flexibility to customize your settings according to your specific requirements. Whether you need to adjust the temperature or control the flow rate, this water bath allows you to fine-tune the manufacturing process.

Wather Bath close up

Outer Tray (cm)

Inner Tray (cm)


We’ve changed the stand so that you can adjust the height to fit with the set up you have. The filament guides are also now height-adjustable. We feel these changes will make it easier for you to get the most out of the water bath, becoming an essential stage of your extrusion process.

Noztek Water Bath


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See the waterbath in action below with our Full Filament Extrusion System