The Xcalibur


Machine comes pre-assembled and ready to extrude


Control each of the 3 HT heater bands independently

3 Stage Bespoke Screw

designed and engineered to create barrel pressure


New special edition stainless steel model available – in keeping with a sterile lab environment


1KG capacity hopper. Screw: 39cm L, 5mm channel depth, 130mm to 200mm gradient, 23° helix angle


Control, monitor and export all the important data from each extrusion run

The Noztek Xcalibur


The Noztek Xcalibur version 3.


This version has a completely new operating system – users can now connect their laptop or PC to directly control the extruder and download extrusion date after every session. Ultimately, this will then link to our brand new Tolerance Sensor System allowing users to compile and analyse independent band temperature, motor speed and filament tolerance.

The Xcalibur extruder is one of the most advanced desktop extruders on the market today. It has an enhanced range of features including its triple high temperature heater bands, all designed to work reliably at up to 600c (higher temperatures are available on bespoke order). This has been developed to melt almost any polymer, including high temperature thermoplastics and metal powdered combinations.

Noztek Xcalibur Extruder<br />
Noztek Xcalibur Desktop Filament Extruder

The whole barrel, screw and coupling assembly are now made from stainless steel. We’ve also tweaked the three stage screw design to improve extrusion performance. The chassis is also now much larger, which accommodates a brand new power supply which automatically switches from 220v to 110v. In addition, we have upgraded the heater bands, the 220v and 110v variants now have a higher wattage and are much easier to remove when switching over the barrels.

The Noztek Xcalibur has a bespoke engineered three stage screw, based on its industrial cousin, which generates additional internal barrel pressure. We have added a very powerful DC motor, with an adjustable top speed of 35 rpm (faster motors up to 57rpm and 22Nm torque are also available) and a high torque of 35 Nm – this is essential to maintain constant screw revolutions when extruding highly viscous materials.This Noztek Xcalibur is capable of extruding approximately 8-10m per minute or approximately 2kg per hour

independently controlled heater bands

torque motor

max. extruding temperature (750max available on request)

Output per hour

The Xcalibur is designed to be used alongside a variety of complimenting Noztek machines, such as the Tolerance Puller and Winder 2, the Water Bath or Roller Conveyor for cooling, and the all new Pelletiser to produce your own pellets.

Noztek Xcalibur