New Noztek Projects

After a very busy last threemonths, we are looking at picking up on a couple of our R & D projects. We set ourselves a challenge this year to develop a roller conveyor print bed for our Kuka robot and re-imagine our water bath.

The Water Bath Upgrade

We have some new ideas for upgrading our existing water bath. For some some standard polymers, heating the water can improve the overall quality of the filament. Other composite thermoplastic materials may need much cooler water temperature to achieve the same results. The aim of this project is to allow a range of water temperatures from 2c to 80c.

User Manual Update

Over time we tweak the software and the graphics of our product line so to keep everything current, all of our user manuals have been updated. We have also added a full system user and barrel swap manual to our download section.

Fully Automated Roller Conveyor

The two main goals of the conveyor project was to allow the Kuka to print at 45 degrees while the bed slowly rotates as the part is being printed. the second objective was to print multiple parts, rotate the bed, eject the prints and continue printing. In theory, we can use a large heated hopper, connect a vacuum pipe to the robot extruder and keep the polymers topped up automating the whole system.


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March 26, 2024