Software Download

Thank you for purchasing Noztek Extrusion Systems.

You can use our bespoke software to monitor and control use of our Xcalibur, Touch and Tolerance Puller machines.

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About our Bespoke Software

Connecting your Xcalibur/Touch and your Tolerance Puller to your laptop or desktop computer together gives you the ultimate user interface. You can now monitor the heater band temperature(s), motor speed, extrusion speed and tolerance all in one place.

Simply, the interface gives you a tab for each machine, and one for graphs too.

For the Xcalibur. You’ll see the temperature of each of the 3 HT heater bands and the motor speeds of the main operating motor and the fan. You can also adjust the settings of each of these.

For the Noztek Touch. You’ll monitor and control the motor speed, temperature and speed of the extruding session.

The ‘Tolerance Puller’ tab allows you to view data for the filament’s target width and the last recorded width, along with the three previously recorded mean widths. The speed at which this data is updated can also be set here.

In the ‘Graphs’ tab, You’ll get real-time results of the extruder temperature; the tolerance (filament width), and the speed that the material is passing through.

You may disconnect either machine at any time without affecting the other.