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A Day in the Life of Noztek

Catamaran Project & Mould Milling

For Sale: A Refurbished fusion X

Noztek Updates For FEB 23

8 years of Noztek

Callibrating the Winder 2

Noztek Robotic 3D Printing

In-House PCB Design

New: Product Videos

Callibrating the Winder 2

Callibrating the Winder 2

The Winder 2 The Noztek Winder 2 is one of the most popular of our product range. Most of our customers find it an...

The fusionX Extruder Video Shoot

The fusionX Extruder Video Shoot

Videographer Aaron capturing the fusionX on video Yesterday we took the finished fusionX extruder to The Brighton...

Noztek Robotic 3D Printing

Noztek Robotic 3D Printing

With technology ever evolving to keep up with demand, last year we took the leap and invested in a Kuka robot. We...

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