The Winder II

Plug & Play

As with all of our machines, the Winder 2 is ready to use straight from the box it arrives in

Manual Mode

Customise settings to your use with the new updated Manual Mode

Lasor guide

lasor sensor configures to your setup for neat winding

Preset Auto Mode

tolerance input options ready to use


The Winder II

A significantly more powerful upgrade on our Winder I, with faster spooling and greater capacity


Noztek have launched a new precision filament winding system. Designed from the ground up to enhance your extruding experience, this filament winder has an embedded touch screen that allows greater control over your winding process. The Winder 2.0 is capable of winding a 1Kg or 2.2Kg spool at a time, with extreme accuracy.

This unit is a must for anyone using a Noztek extruder as it directly winds all the extruded filament neatly onto a spool. When the winding is done, simply remove the spool and load it directly to your 3D printer.

The winding guide is powered by a belt-driven linear actuator using a stepper motor and controlled by our own bespoke softwar on 4.3″ Nextion touch screen.

Winder 2

We used the laser height sensor from our previous winder and tweaked the code for more accuracy. Powered by our own bespoke PCB and Arduino mega and encased secured by a robust metal chassis; this is a professional winding system that can reliably handle any size spool, up to 2.2 Kg.

The winder also incorporates a programmable sensor and laser module. It calculates the winding speed by monitoring the height of the filament being extruded, in turn altering the speed of the spool motor which allows for exeptionally neat filament winding.



 You can adjust the guide spacing to accomodate different thickness levels of filament which ensures, smooth, even winding. This spooling system has been specifically designed to work together with our Filament Tolerance Puller – please note that the Tolerance Puller is where the tolerance is set, the Winder does not affect the filament tolerance.

per minute winding

spool capacity

desktop footprint

touch screen display

The Winder 2.0 is also available as part of our Full Extrusion System; the ultimate line-up for professional extrusion on your desktop.

Noztek Filament Winder 2.0


Filament winder with laser sensor, feeds directly onto your 3d printer.

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