The Winder II

Plug & Play

Like all our machines, the Winder 2 is ready for use right out of the box

Manual Mode

Personalize your settings to suit your needs using the enhanced Manual Mode.

Laser guide

 Adjust the filament guide to accommodate the size of your spool.

Preset Auto Mode

The filament width input options enable precise winding.

The Winder II

An enhanced version of our Winder I model, boasting a substantial increase in power, faster spooling capabilities, and a larger overall capacity.


Noztek has recently introduced their latest innovation, the precision filament winding system. This cutting-edge filament winder has been meticulously designed to revolutionize the extruding process, providing users with an unparalleled level of control. The highlight of the Winder 2.0 is its embedded touch screen, which allows for seamless and precise management of the winding process. With the capacity to wind either a 1Kg or 2.2Kg spool at a time, this advanced system ensures extreme accuracy. This unit is an absolute necessity for individuals utilizing any Noztek extruder, as it effortlessly winds all the extruded filament onto a spool. Once the winding is complete, users can simply detach the spool and load it directly onto their 3D printer. The winding guide is powered by a belt-driven linear actuator, utilizing a stepper motor and controlled by Noztek’s own bespoke software on a 4.3″ Nextion touch screen.

Winder 2

Our team has made improvements to our previous winder by utilizing the laser height sensor and making adjustments to the code to enhance its accuracy. This upgraded version of the winder is equipped with our custom-made PCB and Arduino mega, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, it is securely enclosed within a sturdy metal chassis, guaranteeing durability. With these enhancements, our winding system is now a highly professional and reliable solution capable of efficiently handling spools of any size, weighing up to 2.2 Kg.

In addition to the aforementioned features, our winder also incorporates a programmable sensor and laser module. This innovative addition allows the system to accurately calculate the winding speed by continuously monitoring the height of the filament being extruded. Based on this real-time data, the winder adjusts the speed of the spool motor accordingly, resulting in exceptionally precise and neat filament winding. This advanced functionality ensures that the winding process is optimized for efficiency and quality, making our winder an ideal choice for various applications.

The guide spacing can be customized to accommodate various thickness levels of filament, guaranteeing a seamless and uniform winding process. Our spooling system is intricately designed to seamlessly integrate with our Filament Tolerance Puller. It is important to note that the Tolerance Puller is responsible for setting the tolerance, while the Winder itself does not have any impact on the filament tolerance.

per minute winding

spool capacity

desktop footprint

touch screen display

The Winder 2.0 is also available as part of our Full Extrusion System; the ultimate line-up for professional extrusion on your desktop.

Noztek Filament Winder 2.0


Filament winder with laser sensor, feeds directly onto your 3d printer.

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