Xcalibur Replacement Barrel & Screw


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Replacement Barrel & Screw

(for Xcalibur)


It’s common to be extruding different types of polymers in rotation – in which case you’ll need a clean barrel each time to ensure the resulting filament is pure and of the best quality. The best way to do this is to rotate the barrel & screws between sessions

300mm long (400mm total), with a gradient of 130mm to 200mm, 5mm channel depth and a 23° pitch.
Three-stage screw increases the barrel pressure as the material mixes and passes along the length.
Incredibly hard-wearing and robust, making it ideal for extruding even the most abrasive materials such as carbon fibre/metal composites.
The rear assembly uses a deep groove thrust bearing to negate any backward pressure from the screw

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Xcalibur Barrel & Screw