Xcalibur Replacement Barrel & Screw


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Xcalibur Replacement Barrel & Screw


Extruding various types of polymers in rotation is a common practice, necessitating a clean barrel for each session to ensure the resulting filament is pure and of the highest quality. One effective method to achieve this is by rotating the barrel and screws between extrusion sessions.

The screw measures 300mm in length (400mm total), with a gradient ranging from 130mm to 200mm, a channel depth of 4mm, and a pitch of 23°. This design allows for efficient mixing and pressure increase along the length of the barrel.

Known for its exceptional durability and robustness, the three-stage screw is capable of extruding even the most abrasive materials like carbon fiber and metal composites. This makes it an ideal choice for handling challenging extrusion processes.

To counteract any backward pressure exerted by the screw, the rear assembly is equipped with a deep groove thrust bearing. This feature ensures smooth operation and consistent extrusion results, even under high pressure conditions.


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Xcalibur Barrel & Screw