The Tolerance Puller

Plug & Play

Straight from the box, the Tolerance Puller is ready to be used, just like all our other machines.

Laptop Connectivity

Control, monitor and export data from your computer with our controller software (download here).

Error Correction

Utilises error correction algorithm to maintain exact preset filament tolerances.


Bespoke PCB

Designed and programmed in-house.

Laser Accuracy

Extremely accurate laser sensor from Keyence, measures to 00.04.

Fully Steel Body

Ensure long use life and durability.

The Tolerance Puller

Introducing the groundbreaking laser tolerance puller, the first of its kind to offer both affordability and unparalleled accuracy. This cutting-edge device revolutionizes the industry by providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on precision. 


Achieving optimal results in the extruding process requires precise and consistent filament tolerance. Our Tolerance Puller is designed to address the major factors contributing to material and time wastage. By using this machine, you can effectively control the filament size directly from your extruder, ensuring systematic management. Users have the flexibility to preset the filament diameter, adjust the rendering speed, and fine-tune the error correction ratio. The system relies on tension pulley tension to deliver reliable and accurate outcomes.

How it works

The design of our desktop tolerance puller incorporates the functionality of an industrial Tolerance machine through the use of Keyence laser sensor technology, ensuring accuracy and accessibility in the desktop market.

By utilizing an oversized bore on the extruder and a preset parameter in the tolerance puller, we effectively control and maintain tolerance between the two components. The filament undergoes precise measurement through a laser sensor and interacts with our proprietary software, enabling error correction through an algorithm and adjusting motor speed based on filament diameter.


Tolerance Puller