The Tolerance Puller

Plug & Play

As with all of our machines, the Tolerance Puller is ready to use straight from the box

Laptop Connectivity

Control, monitor and export data from your computer with our controller software (download here)

Error Correction

Lasor guide corrects errors as it runs


Bespoke PCB

Designed and programmed in-house

Laser Accuracy

Extremely accurate laser sensor from Keyence, measures to 00.00 

Fully Steel Body

Ensure long use life and durability

The Tolerance Puller

The very first affordable and super accurate laser tolerance puller


To get the most out of your extruding process; precision and consistency of tolerance is of essential. We have developed the Tolerance Puller to relieve some of the biggest causes of material and time wastage. With this machine you can systematically manage the size of the filament, and you can do this straight from your extruder.

Users are able to set the diameter of the filament, the speed it renders, and the error correction ratio. The system relies on tension to get smooth, reliable results. This set-up will save you time and cost, while causing much less material wastage.

How it works

We’ve taken the functionality of an industrial Tolerance machine and applied it in our design of this desktop tolerance puller. Using Keyence laser sensor technology, we’ve been able to achieve great accuracy achievable and accessible to the desktop market.

An oversized bore is used on the extruder, the tolerance puller is programmed to a preset parameter and between the two, tolerance is controlled and maintained.

The filament passes through a highly accurate laser sensor and communicates with Nozteks own bespoke software. This data is analysed by an error correction algorithm and communicated via the motor encoder, instructing the motor to change speed depending on the current filament diameter.

Tolerance Puller