The Noztek Roller Conveyor

Plug & Play

Comes fully assembled and ready to use straight from the box


Height Adjustable Legs

To fit in with your set up

Dry Cooling

Suitable for use with hygroscopic and water-sensitive materials

Stainless Steel Body

In keeping with a sterile lab environment

The Roller Conveyor

A module designed to sit alongside practically any combination of Noztek machines


For customers who are extruding water-sensitive/hygroscopic filament, Noztek offers the option of a stainless steel conveyor. Instead of being conventionally extruded into a water bath, the polymer filament is extruded directly onto a steel conveyor, passed along smooth rollers, and cooled by twin fans underneath.

The Noztek conveyor comes complete with two 120mm fans and adjustable legs, a direct replacement for the water bath.

Water-sensitive materials
Elastomers TPU, TPE, EVA
Starch-based polymers
Highly filled products
High-temperature thermoplastics,
Metal-filled compounds


and 200 adjustable height (mm)

We recommend using a Roller Conveyor in place of a water bath in a lab environment, or when using water-sensitive materials

Roller Conveyor