The fusionX

Introducing the fusionX, the world’s pioneering hot melt lab extruder with a single screw design. It is specifically designed for the production of pharmaceutical and exotic materials.


The machine is pre-built and set up for immediate extrusion.


Adjust and monitor three temperature settings.


Stainless steel blending blades that can be easily swapped  for optimal results.


In keeping with a sterile lab environment.


Ideal for nano compounds and exotic materials.


Monitor and export all the important data from each extrusion run.

The fusionX

The Noztek fusionX extruder, developed by the Noztek team, stands out as one of the most cutting-edge desktop single screw mixing extruders in the world. Through a meticulous three-year development process, this extruder has been crafted with exceptional engineering precision, making it the most advanced extruder that Noztek has ever produced.


The internal operations of the material are carried out through a series of unit operations, including mixing, compression, and shearing. These operations are facilitated by the use of multi-sized cutting inserts that can be easily replaced. This extruder is particularly suitable for extruding bio-polymers, nano-composites, and pharmaceuticals. It is equipped with a powerful 50 RPM, 16 Nm DC motor that provides the necessary torque and speed to effectively blend composite materials in a molten state.

Our latest extruder release is a remarkable achievement in laboratory extrusion, packaged neatly in a compact desktop design. Despite its small size, this extruder is incredibly powerful and capable of delivering results that are comparable to much larger machines. The Noztek fusionX features a user-friendly touch screen control panel, making it easy and intuitive to operate. Additionally, extrusion data can be easily monitored and exported with just a simple click of a button, thanks to our unique software.

The extruder is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, ensuring that material contamination is prevented. Cleaning the extruder is quick and easy, thanks to its split barrel design, which comes with the necessary tools for dismantling the block. This innovative design incorporates a mixing screw that effectively shears the material against up to three staggered interchangeable blending blades, as shown in the picture below. This ensures optimal blending and homogeneity of the materials being processed.

fusionX angled


The Blending Blades are crafted from stainless steel that has been hardened and tempered, guaranteeing their durability and longevity. These blades offer versatility in the mixing process as they can be arranged in various configurations to achieve the desired results. The fusionX machine is equipped with six slots within the barrel where different sized blades can be effortlessly inserted. This allows for customization and flexibility in the blending process.

In addition to their blending capabilities, the steel blades also serve another important function. They act as a counterbalance, ensuring that the screw remains perfectly centered within the barrel. This precise positioning is crucial for maintaining a consistent circulation of the material between the screw and the barrel, resulting in a uniform mixture.

To further enhance the mixing process, the extruded filament can be transformed into pellets using the Noztek Pelletizer. These pellets can then be re-extruded with the fusionX, creating a more intense and thorough blending experience. This feature allows for greater control and experimentation with different materials and mixtures, expanding the possibilities of what can be achieved with the fusionX machine.



A high degree of dispersive mixing is achieved through the utilization of three sets of blending blades, which generate high staged shear. To adjust the blending process, different sizes of hardened blades can be inserted in sequential order. Typically, customers begin with a 10mm blade, followed by a 3mm blade, and finally a 1mm blade, resulting in a high shear rate. However, the blades can be mixed and matched according to the specific type of material being extruded, providing flexibility in the blending process.


small batch minimum load

desktop footprint

max. extruding temperature

Touch Screen Display

The fusionX has been meticulously designed to streamline the hot melt extrusion (HME) process for a wide range of applications including nano compounds, personalized medications, biomaterials, nutraceuticals, and more. Its compact single screw and lower minimum load requirement make it a perfect choice for this task.

The fusionX Extruder Includes

2 sets of 1mm hardened stainless steel blending blades (4 in total)
2 sets of 2mm hardened stainless steel blending blades (4 in total)
2 sets of 5mm hardened stainless steel blending blades (4 in total)
2 sets of 10mm hardened stainless steel blending blades (4 in total)

2 x stainless steel nozzles ( 1 x 1,75mm – 1 x 3mm)
1 hopper
1 x torque wrench
1 x hopper weight (used in the hopper for light powdered materials)
1 x chassis cover (for protection when dismantling the barrel)
1 x copper slip anti seize grease


Download the fusionX Specification sheet

Noztek fusionX



fusionX Spec Sheet

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