The Noztek Winder 1.0

Winder Version 1

Plug & Play

Ready to use straight from the box

Lasor Technology

Controlling the winding speed

Bespoke PCB

For level winding



The Winder 1.0

The Noztek Winder 1 was developed to work with the Pro & Touch extruders


This filament winder is based on a design by Ian Johnson. It has a bespoke PCB that controls a filament guide which level winds the filament and a laser height sensor which controls the spool speed. This unit is a must when using a Noztek Pro as it enhances the filament tolerances and winds the extruded filament neatly to spool. Simply remove the spool and connect it straight to your 3D printer.

It also incorporates a laser module and a sensor, caculating the filament speed by monitoring the height of the filament being extruded. It adjusts the speed of the spool motor to match the speed from the filament extruder.

The filament guide works in the same way as a fishing reel leveler. It communicates with the spool motor and is programmed to move roughly 1 degree with each revolution of the spool. The result is a professionally wound spool that can be connected directly to your 3D printer.

Winder Version 1

per minute winding

You can now use transparent filament with this machine, thanks to our bespoke made adapter

 We recommend this winder for use with the Noztek Pro/Pro HT

For a further advanced winding system, check out the capabilities of Version 2.

maximum spool load

Noztek Filament Winder 1.0


The original version of Noztek’s Filament Winder